Serbia Is No 2 Arms Exporter To Israel

Serbia was second only to the United States in terms of arms exports to Israel between 2004 and 2007, according to an Amnesty International briefing document.

The document states that, according to UN figures, the U.S. supplied Israel with $1.3 billion worth of arms in the 2004-07 period while the then-State Union of Serbia and Montenegro sold it arms for $8.6 million. 

After Serbia come Poland and Romania, with Bosnia-Hercegovina 13th, and Albania 16th. Serbia is also figures in the top five of Israel’s ammunition suppliers,

The Antwerp-based NGO said both Serbian and Bosnian companies exported large quantities of ammunition and components for light weaponry, as well as artillery ammunition and mortar components, to Israeli defense contractors.

Between 2005 and 2006, the Israeli Military Industry (IMI) imported millions of 5.56mm rounds from the Prvi Partizan factory in Serbia, says AI, adding that this ammunition was compatible with weaponry used by the Israeli armed forces.

AI has called for an arms embargo on Israel and the Palestinian Authority and is urging the UN Security Council to launch an independent inquiry into war crimes perpetrated during the armed conflict in Gaza in January.

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