Parliament discusses motives in Constitution amending bill

Sofia. The MPs are discussing the motives in the bill amending the Constitution.

The amendments have been tabled by MPs from National Movement for Stability and Progress. The motives were presented by Kamelia Kasabova.

The amendments to the Constitution concern the carrying out of national and European parliaments elections on one and the same day.

In other countries worldwide parliamentary elections are usually held 10-20 days before the end of the term in office of the previous parliament. While the Bulgarian election cycle has a wrong foundation, we will witness an end of the term in office of the National Assembly and two months of absolute powerlessness in a parliamentary republic, said Kamelia Kasabova.

She says the proposal does not shorten or change the parliament’s term in office, but gives the opportunity to hold elections before the end of the previous parliament’s term in office.

“This does not result in powerlessness and absurd,” she highlighted.

The European electoral practice this year shows many similar cases – two elections will be held on one day in England, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Lithuania. More than 65% of Bulgarians prefer one date for the two elections, she added.

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