Barack Obama to meet Bulgarian President Purvanov in Istanbul

zx500y290_692015The Bulgarian head of state, President Georgi Purvanov, will travel to Turkey, on April 7 where he will participate in the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations – a forum designed to promote intercultural understanding – reports the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, the BTA.

“Since the United States president Barack Obama announced that he will participate in the Alliance of Civilisations in Istanbul, there was a shower of statements emanating from leaders around the world who suddenly wanted to participate as well,” Turkish newspaper Sabah reports.

So far, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, France as well as other countries have all confirmed that they will be travelling to Istanbul.

Barack Obama will be escorted by his wife Michelle. They are expected to arrive in Ankara on April 5 where the Meeting of Civilisations will be officially inaugurated.

Barack Obama is expected to visit the St Sophia Church in Istanbul, which has been converted to a mosque since the fall of Constantinople, as well as the Sultanmehmed Mosque, otherwise known as the Blue Mosque.

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