Three Afghans Seek Asylum in Kosovo

Three citizens, who said they were Afghans, caught by Kosovo’s police on the Macedonian border near Kacanik, have asked for political asylum.

Kosovo’s police did not want to comment or speculate on the reasons that prompted the citizens to seek asylum, saying that “their confidentiality is guaranteed by Geneva’s Convention”, said Bali Muharremi from the Department for Immigration and Asylum from the Ministry of Interior. 

“We are under the regular procedures with the three citizens. We have yet to define whether they are Afghan citizens or not and why they are here,” he said.

The three Afghans caught on March 12, spent a night in a pre-detention centre in Kacanik. They were sent to Pristina the following day as none of them possessed any identification.

According to Kosovo’s law, asylum can be granted to every foreign citizen fearful of capital punishment, execution, aggression or foreign occupation. If their request for asylum is granted, any potential charges for illegally crossing the border would be dropped.

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