Albania briefs EP delegation on current developments

TIRANA, Albania — The chairwoman of the European Parliament’s (EP) delegation to Southeast Europe, Doris Pack, visited Tirana on Thursday (March 19th) to meet with senior officials.

President Bamir Topi assured her the process of issuing new ID cards was on track, despite some early glitches. The IDs are aimed at assuring democratic elections in June. Interior Minister Bujar Nishani told Pack that Albania has managed to publish voting lists four months before the elections, a first in the country’s democratic history.

In other news Thursday, media reported that the European Assistance Mission to the Albanian Justice System (EURALIUS) criticised the judicial initiatives and the justice ministry’s work in its latest report. The EURALIUS blames the government for the unsatisfactory judicial reforms and for excluding interested groups and foreign experts from the process.

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