Student Revolt in Croatia Intensifies

resizer107Students nationwide intensify their protests for free higher level education, as more towns rally and join the cause.

The protests continues even after the Faculty of Philosophy was closed down by students last week, who have organized themselves in actions which demonstrate their demand for free higher education. They have told media that they intend to continue protesting until they get achieve their goal.

Today, the Faculty of Philosophy in Split joined the protest of students for free education, the soon after the Faculty of Law also joined in. Over 200 students started gathering this morning and blocked the faculty around 9 a.m.

These students are now being supported nationwide by students from the Political Science faculty including students from Zadar, Rijeka, and Osijek, with added camaraderie from the University of Pula and Split students.

Over the past week, students took over the classes in their faculties and brought all teaching to a halt. Only after several days of silence, this past Thursday, did the Minister of Science, Education and Sport Dragan Primorac face the media and make comment.

He was in the opinion that the students’ demands were reasonable but that the issue should be resolved at a national level by government.

Primorac criticized the Faculties’ Deans, claiming they are mainly responsible for the state of the university campuses and thus, should take responsibility.

He also accused them of being ‘hypocritical’, in their support of students’ demands, if they believe in the concept of free education, than they should return all school fees to the students.

He added that he had his suspicions that party politics were the real motivations behind the protest, but students dismissed his claims rigorously.

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