The West discusses possibility of Armenia’s participation in Nabucco

Armenian-Turkish reconciliation and settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict are linked to implementation of the Nabucco project, told a political scientist Suren Zolian a news conference in Yerevan.

“Closed borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan and Armenia and Turkey are a problem hindering realization of that program. Today the West has tired from the unstable Georgia, hence western countries carry out serious talks on Armenia’s possible participation in the project.

Armenia can play a sound role in the fulfillment of Nabucco,“ said Suren Zolian.

According to Armenian political scientist, Yerevan with Tbilisi can also elaborate a joint safety strategy in opposition to the Turkish-Azeri alliance.

The project of the Nabucco gas pipeline was officially presented in Sophia this March. The project is aimed at reducing dependency of the European Union of Russian gas supply. Construction of the pipeline was discussed in the fringes of the Eastern partnership Summit in Prague.

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