Rise in Black Sea level is threat for coasts of Russia, Ukraine and Georgia: World Bank

Bonn. World Development Report 2010 reads that the changes in sea levels, another consequence of climate change, will affect the four basins in the region of Europe and Central Asia – the Baltic Sea, eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, as well as the Russian coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Poland is the most vulnerable country on the Baltic Sea, with its densely populated and low coast. The storms raging in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas and the inflow of salty water in the water-bearing threaten parts of the Croatian, Albanian and Turkish coasts.

The rise in the Black Sea level is already a threat for a number of ports and cities along the coasts of Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. In the Caspian Sea the higher water evaporation results in a drop in sea level, which is expected to decrease by 6 meters by the end of the 21st century, putting fishery populations in danger and affecting the coast infrastructure.

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