Kosovo requests OSCE help in local elections


The government is asking the OSCE mission to help organise local elections this autumn, Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci said in a press conference Wednesday (June 10th) after meeting with OSCE chief Werner Almhofer. “The Kosovo government invites the OSCE to work together, to have full co-operation,” he said, adding he is sure the elections will be free, fair and democratic. Almhofer said the mission is ready to continue its co-operation with Kosovo’s institutions.

In other news, the latest report by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon concludes Kosovo does not want the UNMIK mission to continue. It notes that local institutions have repeatedly called for the termination of UNMIK, in light of EULEX’s deployment. Ban also notes that Serb-dominated municipalities in the north continue to function separately from other parts of Kosovo.

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