Ahtisaari visits Kosovo, hails independence


The former UN envoy for Kosovo status talks, Martti Ahtisaari, received a warm welcome in Pristina on Monday (June 15th), the first anniversary of Kosovo’s constitution.”Kosovo’s independence is irreversible and this is evident from all the recognitions which continue to come from all around the world,” Ahtisaari said. 

He reiterated his conviction that supervised independence–the keystone of the blueprint he drew up for Kosovo’s future–is sustainable, and urged opponents of the plan to accept it. He also said Kosovo has a bright economic future, citing its entry into the IMF and World Bank. President Fatmir Sejdiu awarded Ahtisaari the “Golden Medal of Independence.”

Former UNMIK chief Jessen-Petersen was also in Pristina on Monday. He congratulated the country’s leaders, stressed the importance of the fight against corruption, and urged for co-operation between Pristina and Belgrade.

In other news, Sejdiu decreed seven high ranking officers of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) on Monday, including two major generals and five brigadier generals.

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