Dutch Minister Calls for EU Safeguard Clause Activation on Bulgaria

The activation of a new safeguard clause regarding Bulgaria and Romania has been requested by the Netherlands’ Minister of European Affairs, Frans Timmermans, Romanian news agency NewsIn reports Wednesday, quoting his open letter.

According to Timmermans, the implementation of the clause must happen with the publishing of the new EU reports on the two countries’ progress in the justice field.

The most likely negative reports are supposed to come out this summer, but are most likely to be postponed until the autumn.

Said reports are going to be a valuation of the two countries’ three years of membership. Timmermans proposes a meeting with European Commissioner on Justice, Jacques Barrot to examine the impact of the safeguard measures against Romania and Bulgaria.

The accession treaties of Bulgaria and Romania contain three clauses that provide a legal basis for possible action against them and they apply only until the end of 2009.

Moreover, the letter reads that, until now, his government considered that support is better than sanctions but the consequences are tremendous and thus the situation must be treated seriously.

The Dutch minister is part of the Labour Party, affiliated to the European Socialist Party.

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