Kosovo Needs International Dialling Code

Kosovo still lacks an international dialling code a year after its Constitution.

According to Minister of Transport and Post Telecommunications, Fatmir Limaj, the chances of receiving a country code have been very small even after many efforts to obtain one.

“We have lobbied to our allies who have recognised Kosovo’s independence to help us get other countries to accept us in the International Telecommunications Union Organisation,” said Limaj.

Kosovo is still not a member of this organisation because Kosovo is not a member of the United Nations. If a country is not a member of the UN, it must receive at least 2/3 of the votes within the organisation in order to gain acceptance.

Limaj has stated that they “asked for alternative means for Kosovo to win a code even without UN membership.” Kosovo has applied for a code with the help of the EU, something he hopes will be realised soon.

Limaj recognised the consequence of not having a country code contributes to Kosovo’s weak economic development.

The country’s Post and Telecommunications Kosovo, PTK, still operates its terrestrial telephone service under Serbia’s country code, +381, while its mobile service operates under Monaco’s, +377.

Meanwhile, the country’s second mobile provider IPKO operated under Slovenia’s country code, +386.

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