EC’s expected position on SAPARD funds should not be bound with election result: Deputy PM


Responding to the statements published in the media concerning SAPARD program, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of EU funds management Meglena Plugchieva said that she expected the European Commission would announce its decision on the SAPARD funds before the summer holiday, the office of the deputy prime minister announced.

This is the position the deputy prime minister reiterated many times after the last documents proving the effective work on correcting faults and mistakes were sent on June 15th 2009.

EC’s expected position on the blocked SAPARD funds should not be bound with the political changes and election results in Bulgaria in any way, said Meglena Plugchieva.

The EC makes its decision only on the basis of the commitments fulfilled, faults removed and active European management and control systems, she added.
She noted the EC assessed impartially and uncompromisingly both the faults ad positive results.

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