Kosovo’s Sejdiu addresses parliament; opposition boycotts


President Fatmir Sejdiu called on UNMIK to shut down its mission, in his annual address to parliament Thursday (July 9th). “It can be called a successful story of the international commitment in Kosovo,” Sejdiu said.

He also noted that rebuilding relations with Serbia is impossible as long as Belgrade finances parallel structures in northern Kosovo. Two opposition parties, the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and the Dardania Democratic League, boycotted the session, in part, they say, because Sejdiu ignored input from the opposition before scheduling local elections on November 15th. He says he consulted with all parties.

In other news, two members of the Serbian Gendarmerie were injured early Thursday in a grenade attack near the border with Kosovo. It happened in the village of Lucani, near Bujanovac, in southern Serbia. Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said EULEX must realise that serious security threats remain and that not all terrorist groups active in Kosovo have been disarmed, a condition set out in UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

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