GERB’s memorandum to right-wing parties

The Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) sees the formula of its government as a political project for the European development of Bulgaria which can be supported by the rest of the parties in the 41st Parliament in the name of Bulgaria’s national interests and in accordance with the will of Bulgarian voters.

This project will guarantee the successful economic development of the country and the restoration of trust in the country by the Euro-Atlantic partners and Bulgarian citizens. The success of the project will depend of the approval and support of civil society in the form of civil and industry organisations.

According to GERB the mechanism of forming the new government should:

1. Guarantee its successful work

2. Follow the main principles and priorities stated in the programme for the European development of Bulgaria

3. To represent the ratio of votes won by all of GERB’s possible partners in the 41st National Assembly

GEBR will build its political cooperation on the following political priorities and principles:

1. Revision of the recent decisions taken by the outgoing Cabinet of Sergei Stanishev which will happen in the first month of the new cabinet’s term. A revision and evaluation of the Stanishev cabinet’s work which should be ready within six months of the start of the new cabinet’s term.

2. Investigation of the work of previous cabinets and pressing charges against those who have broken the law.

3.Guaranteeing the stability of the political system by changing the election legislation – adopting a new code of election rules for all types of elections, changing the Political Parties Act and the Referendum Act.

4. Implementing quick anti-crisis measures though updating the state budget, the government’s economic policy and changes to the legislation which would guarantee its execution.

5. Putting forward and implementing measures that will unblock the frozen European Union funds for Bulgaria and optimising the process of their absorption.

6. Changes to the structures and the work of the National Assembly which will optimise its administrative and organisational structures. Implementing measures aimed at overcoming the negative practices from the past and restoring people’s trust in Parliament and democracy.

7. Change in the stricture of the Council of Ministers and optimisation of the administration in compliance with the economic situation.

8. Implementing a programme for the Cabinet’s governance in cooperation with political partners and civic organisations.

9. Discussing the needed changes to the constitution on Parliament committees’ level with the cooperation of civic organisations.

Forms for achieving the political cooperation:

1. Political co-operation on joint legislative and political initiatives by the political partners

2. Support in Parliament for political initiatives, decisions and legislative ideas of the government

3. Forming political consultancy groups on setting up the government’s priorities and developing its ruling programme

4. Participation of GERB’s partners in expert committees on pressing issues and overall policy on governmental and parliamentary level.

5. Distribution of the leadership of Parliament’s committees among parties in compliance with the governance’ priorities and guaranteeing the democratic and transparent way of functioning of Parliament.

The memorandum stipulating the priorities of the future government is open to all parties who are ready to accept it on principle and to state their support for the future government.

The memorandum defines the general frame of the political consultations on forming the new government and should be taken as a base for holding talks between parliamentary groups. It is also a base for forming the final document that will state parties’ consent for political and Parliamentary co-operation.

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