Croatia, US join forces against organised crime

ZAGREB, Croatia

Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko and US Ambassador to Croatia Robert Bradtke signed a memorandum for co-operation Thursday (July 16th) in the fight against organised crime. According to the document, the two countries will join efforts in terms of both prevention and crime-fighting and will co-operate in staff training and development of IT systems. 

In other news Thursday, the Croatian government proposed a 10% wage cut in state-controlled companies, funds and institutes. Ministers suggested the managers of these companies and institutions launch negotiations with syndicates to revise collective labour agreements in response to the global economic crisis. Several trade unions in the sector oppose the idea, insisting that wage cuts are only a last resort. Croatia recently acknowledged economic trouble, as state revenues have plunged. Tourism, the country’s main source of foreign currency, is expected to suffer a serious blow given the global economy.

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