Communists face defeat in Moldova election

MOLDOVA’S Western-leaning Opposition vowed to form a wide coalition after partial results showed the ruling Communists could be facing defeat in a parliamentary election.

With 76 per cent of ballots counted, the Communists had won 45.9 per cent of the vote, a result which would give them just 49 seats in the 101-member Parliament. 

The results included a swathe of the capital where support for veteran Communist leader Vladimir Voronin is low among young city dwellers, but they indicate the Communists are unlikely to be able to muster the 61 seats needed to elect a new president.

Mr Voronin dissolved Parliament last month and called the election after opposition parties twice thwarted his plan to have Parliament elect his handpicked successor as President, paralysing the political system in the former Soviet republic.

The four main opposition parties gained 49.8 per cent of the vote, which would give them 52 seats in Parliament.

“Democracy and truth has finally been victorious. We fought for this for so long and with so many difficulties,” said Vlad Filat, leader of the Liberal Democrats who were second behind the Communists on 16.1 per cent.

“There will definitely be a coalition, a wide coalition in the interests of the people. We will find the necessary compromise and find agreement so that Moldova finally gets democratic rule,” he told Reuters.

The Democrats were in third place with 13.2 per cent, the Liberals fourth with 12.9 per cent and the Our Moldova Alliance in fifth place with 7.6 per cent.

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