Gay marriages, Muslim Community Responds: Violations of morality

TIRANA, Albania The Muslim community has expressed today against homosexual marriages, while the bill is drafted to a serious breach of morality, which conflict with the Albanian traditions.
Law drafters for the people, stated that article made marriage for men asked Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who gave the ‘bomb’ news during inter-group meeting.
Today, during a communication media, deputy Muslim Community, said they are not only against the adoption of such a law, but will take all initiatives necessary to prevent sensibilizuese effects stemming from the law.
As for what his design is a standard conditional integration in the EU believe that no condition or conditional standard, but optional recommendation submitted to the EC and think that in Albania there are major projects on the drafting of such a law “- said the deputy.
He made appeal to the Albanian policy established at the level that requires the interest of the country and not fall into insanity.
Yesterday representatives have reacted to the Orthodox Catholic Church, for which this law is an open threat to the family.

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Group work: Gay Marriage urged Berisha

TIRANA – Marriage between two persons of the same sex have been asked by Prime Minister Berisha and it is not true that it comes a bill for civil society. The only truth is that civil society has a bill against discrimination of certain strata, among them homosexuals. But Prime Minister Sali Berisha has been that expressed by his request during an informal meeting, to be added in this new bill. The request of the Prime Minister has issued no less trouble of the bill compiler, who are obliged to reinstate the material back. That is the reason why the new bill is not yet in government. Its developers said yesterday that he will complete next week and will go to the government for being one of the first laws which will nominate the Prime Minister Berisha in the new Assembly.
Contacted yesterday by “Shekulli”, all the drafters of the bill have explained that in the envisaged ban on all forms of discrimination in Albania, where homosexuals are included, but not written anywhere that the latter may legally marry.
One of the members of the working group drafting of this bill, Aurel Anastasi, pedagogue at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana, explains that this bill does not have to do with marriages between the same sex, but with a range of discrimination to all categories .“There is a bill to marriages between the same sex, but is anti-discrimination bill that happens to certain categories of people. Furthermore, the bill has no provision that provides for marriages between homosexuals,” – said Aurel Anastasi, which states that homosexuals are part of the bill and predicted that the penalties against those who discriminate, but their marriages are not contained bill.
Meanwhile, Altin Hazizaj, member of the working group drafting of this bill, the newspaper claims that the head of the government not only has supported this bill, but has asked to be involved in the marriages between persons of the same sex. “In fact, this condition is that the European Union urges Albania to meet, moslejimin discrimination of minorities,” – he says. According Hazizit, or not to allow marriages between people of the same sex, is an issue that belongs to the future, if this community would ask themselves this. “From information I have as a member of the working group, has asked drafters in connection with marriages and the response has been that, as Prime Minister himself has agreed to this and civil society has decided to support his opinion to include Gay marriages” , Hazizaj-states. According to him, there would be no need for substantial changes, but only in the Family Code would be lifted only a word, which specifies the sexes for marriage.
While the main compiler of this bill, Elsa Ballauri, head of the Albanian group of Freedoms and Human Rights, states that the draft law against discrimination, after talks with Prime Minister Sali Berisha, is drawn to make some adjustments and additions to it. “We have not proposed such a law to allow marriage between persons of the same sex. What we have proposed in a bill that has to do with social discrimination of minorities in Albania”, – said Elsa Ballauri. According to her, during a casual meeting with Prime Minister, which is discussing this issue, Berisha has expressed the desire of such an article.

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