Half of Bulgarians consider actions of CEDB government as successful: NCPOR

SOFIA, Bulgaria

72% of the Bulgarians set great hope to future governing of Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (CEDB), and 18% feel worry. This is the result of the official research of National Centre for Public Opinion Research (NCPOR). Half of the inquired people in August assesses as successful fist steps of CEDB government. 

The national official research of NCPOR is conducted among 1000 Bulgarians of age. There are five times less people that determine fist paces of the government as unsuccessful. Most of the pessimists are upholders of pastries from the former ruling thee-party coalition. 40% of the inquired people still abstain from giving opinion as most of them are young and elder electorate. 63% of the Bulgarians said they are pleased by the results for the 41st national Assembly.

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