Leaders of the majority coalition to start dialogue with Communist Party


The Alliance for European Integration intends to propose to the Communists to begin a dialogue on electing the new President of Moldova.

On Thursday, Moldova Noastra Alliance Leader Serafim Urechean said after the fourth round of talks between the leaders of the ruling coalition that the dialogue will be offered on the level of the leaders of the Parties, which passed to the Parliament.

He said that the talks inside the coalition on candidatures on the key posts are almost over, but he refused to name these candidatures.

Leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova Marian Lupu confirmed that the Alliance must only pass the last 100 meters towards achieving the optimal Government structure.

“We are responsible for the functionality of this structure and we must provide its professional performance” he remarked.

Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova Vladimir Filat added that on Thursday the coalition leaders discussed their future actions at the first Parliament sitting, and other actions on the same day, as well as the step-by-step execution of the approved agenda.

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