PL wants Moldovan citizens of all ethnic origins to build European country


The vice presidents of the Liberal Party (PL) Dorin Chirtoaca and Anatol Salaru refuted the Communists Party’s assertions that the PL is a radical right-wing party that does not tolerate ethnic minorities.

Asked Who is to blame for the fact that the other-language speakers do not know and do not want to know Romanian, Dorin Chirtoaca said that the Russians, Ukrainians, Gagauzians and other ethnic groups started to understand Romanian and speak it partly, while the young generations speak it well.

The vice president of the PL considers that harmony will exist in the society when all the Moldovan citizens, regardless of ethnicity, know the official language, besides other languages. Chirtoaca also said that the public broadcasters should observe the European norms, which say that 20% of the programs must be in the languages of the national minorities.

Anatol Salaru said that not the other-language speake rs labeled the PL as nationalist, radical right-wing party, but the Communists. He also said that the PCRM promotes division in the society as it always needs internal and external enemies to preserve the power.

Salaru also said that the PCRM permanently tried to incite interethnic hatred and used thousands of other-language speakers in its interests. In order to achieve this goal, the Communists disseminated different ideas, rumors and lies that the PL is against those that do not speak Romania and that think differently. “This is not true. Liberalism means tolerance and respect for the rights of the minorities. We always say this, but we are not heard as the mass media is controlled by the Communists.

“The minorities in Moldova should understand that we are not their enemies, but their friends. We all suffer because of the Communists’ incompetence, dictatorship, lack of information and market economy, the greediness of the Communists a nd the Voronin family,” the vice president of the PL said.

According to Salaru, there are many Russian ethnics in the PL who are anti-Communists. “They realize what European integration means and what the advantages of going together towards Europe are. We live in a country, where we should tolerate, respect and help each other. We must build a European Moldova and promote the European values that provide equal rights for everyone,” the quoted source said.

Salaru also said that those that do not speak Romanian suffer because of this. But it is not their fault that they don’t know the language as the Communists made everything possible for the other-language speakers not to learn it. “The Romanian language must not be a barrier between us. It should unite us, as Russian, English and other languages do,” Salaru said.

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