Greceanyi Government II tenders resignation


The Second Greceanyi Government Wednesday offered its resignation as its term in office expired. The new Parliament is to take cognizance of the resignation at its first sitting scheduled for August 28.

Until a new cabinet is named, the executive will manage the public affairs, but will make no decisions, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Before handing in the resignation, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Dodon presented a report on the social-economic development of Moldova mainly during 2000-2008.

He said that during eight years, the GDP rose 3.9 times in nominal terms, the salary in economy increased 6.2 times, from 407 lei to 2,528 lei, while the average pension grew sixfold, from 85 lei to 646 lei. The minimum subsistence level rose to 1,368 lei.

According to Dodon, the revenues into the national public budget increased from 5.4 billion lei to 25.5 billion lei at the end of 2008. The expenditure rose 4.5 times, from 5.8 billion le i to 26.1 billion lei. The capital expenses grew 5.6 times, from 796 million lei to 4.4 billion lei.

Igor Dodon also said that the expectancy at life in the period rose from 67.6 years to 69.4 years, while the absolute poverty line fell fourfold.

Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanyi said that this report is not a review on the work of the current executive, but rather an analysis of the accomplishments that are sometimes forgotten. She added that the present Government enjoyed the support of the society, the Parliament and the Presidential Office and thanked President Vladimir Voronin for this.

In his speech, Vladimir Voronin praised the Government for its work, underlining that it contributed to better living standards in Moldova.

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