“EU unwilling for new enlargement”


The EU is currently not disposed to further enlargement, says Erhard Busek, the special coordinator for the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

“It’s very thankless to predict the speed of Serbia’s European integration, or that of the other countries in the region,” the Austrian politician told daily Večernje Novosti.

Asked the main reasons why Brussels was reluctant to admit new members, Busek cited the resurgence of the European Right-wing at the last European elections and the uncertainty hanging over the Lisbon Treaty.

He said that the economic crisis was more of a pretext than a real obstacle to further EU enlargement.

The Austrian politician said that there was “no chance” of Holland agreeing to unfreeze the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) until Ratko Mladić was in The Hague.

“Currently, the Dutch are firmer on this issue than ever before,” he concluded.

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