Romanian prince pulls out of presidential race


Romania’s Prince Radu Duda has withdrawn from the country’s presidential race.

Radu – the son-in-law of former Romanian monarch King Michael – pulled out of the race because he feared the election campaign wouldn’t be “fair”.

Writing on his blog, the royal said: “I withdraw with regrets but with hope for the future. Once I withdraw, the electoral fight would not be an electoral one, but a fight between clans.

“Most Romanian politicians act as if the state and public institutions are personal goods. The current president began the privatisation of the Romanian state. The future president will continue it.

Radu also thanked King Michael for endorsing his campaign and revealed his hopes for a more “ethical” and “professional” future government.

He wrote: “The blessing you gave me in order to run was the greatest sign of trust I have ever received in my life. Through it you gave me the chance to become useful for my country.

“You will have to wait, however. The tenants of history are still there, unmoved. The profound Romania of today is aware of my presidential project and has, at a great extent, the feeling we need another kind of country, another kind of state, other kind of institutions. We need ethics and professionalism.

“The Princess and I are waiting for you all who believe Romania deserves a respectable state, professional institutions, pride and ethics, to build, during the following years, THE OTHER KIND OF ROMANIA (sic).”

King Michael was forced to abdicate in 1947, when Soviet communists took over his country.

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