Sergey Stanishev: Allegations that we’ve been spending BGN 200 mln a day are nonsense


“The allegations that we have been spending some BGN 200 million a day are complete nonsense”, former prime minister and chairperson of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Sergey Stanishev said at a news conference in the town of Dobrich.

“What have we spent the money for? Do you really think that this can be covered up”, Stanishev asked and added: “BGN 200 million, this is insanity, simple flash in the pan, in the full sense of this phrase”.

Stanishev also expressed his concern that many projects, which are of long-term importance to Bulgaria, have been stopped, giving the National Industrial Company as an example, which he determined “one of the clear counter-crisis measures with BGN 100 million capital, which will allows Bulgaria and the Bulgarian state attract investments in time of crisis”.

Stanishev said that the “breaking” of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) is an economic and political mistake, as according to him this holding would make the Bulgarian energy sector stronger and competitive.

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