Brussels did not fix time limit observation over Bulgaria: PM


As a matter of fact Bulgaria has had very bad image in Brussels. It depends on us whether we will change it. It is important people to have hope and to give us a chance to do it, said Prime Minister (PM) Boyko Borisov in an interview with Radio Darik. Borisov pointed Bulgaria has been among most corrupted and poorest countries with suspended EU funds.

“The resumption of EU made wide response in the European media and in statements in political circles,” PM pointed.

Speaking with journalists whether former government has cased damage that could not be fixed Borisov said that these are the lost money under the PHARE and ISPA programs.
“Despite, we are working for their resumption though it is clear we will not absorb them, just for Bulgaria’s image,” he said.
Boyko Borisov said further Brussels has not fixed time limits for observation over Bulgaria and pointed this has been done over the last 30 to 40 years and they know clearly what is going on in the country.

Referring to the crosstalk with the President Georgi Parvanov he said this subject should not be discussed and added that “everyone should do his job.”

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