Georgia hails U.S.’s intention to deploy MDS in Caucasus


Tbilisi talks about an unprecedented increase in Georgia’s security, if the U.S. deploys anti-missile system in the Caucasus. Tbilisi believes that Georgia is the most convenient place to deploy the system in the Caucasus region, so the talks will likely begin between the two partner countries on this issue.

At a special briefing, the U.S. President and Head of the Pentagon have made official statement on canceling to deploy a missile defense shield. The first order to deploy the system in the Caucasus was made by General Cartwright at yesterday’s news conference.

The Georgian experts say that deploying the U.S. missile defense system in the Caucasus region will dramatically increase the interest in it. In their view, the Caucasus is an ideal place to confront Iranian missiles, launched toward Europe.

The Vice-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament from the opposition, Paata Davitaya does not consider the U.S.’s decision to deploy the missile defense system near the Caucasus region instead of Europe as Washington’s concession to Russia.

Davitaya told journalists it will have no fundamental values whether the system will be deployed in Europe or somewhere else. “It is important that the line of security must be created and it will pass through the Caucasus,” he said.

Therefore, Davitaya said, he cannot say that the United States partly took into account Russia’s interests by refusing to deploy the missile defense system in Europe. “But this system is so powerful that will cover not only the region, but also Europe,” he said.

According to the preliminary data, the missile defense system can be deployed either in Turkey or in Israel or in the Balkans.

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