President Georgi Parvanov: Bulgaria lacks enough analyses about crisis’ development in the country


“I back and will do back the unpopular measures of the rightist government if there are grounded and everything around them is clear – what, why and how. The report and discussions today are not a zeal for an alternative but for establishing a consolidated position. We lack enough analyses about how the crisis is developing in Bulgaria, in the different sectors and different regions”. This is the standpoint expressed by Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.

At the opening of the “Bulgarian Debates” forum, the head of state remarked that the crisis has been brought from the outside but the role of the state is not clear in terms of the anti-crisis program bearing in mind there is no economic strategy at all.

Georgi Parvanov rejected the criticism that the president’s institution is dealing with issues that are none of its business. He stressed he joins and initiates this debate because he believes that there is a need of it and this debate is necessary for the Bulgarian society.

When I give my support for the idea for a balanced budget I need to hear opinions whether this is a real anti-crisis measure.

“World financial-economic crisis and Bulgaria” – this is the topic of the fourth economic report for President of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is introduced today at the National Place of Culture in the frames of the “Bulgarian Debates” forum.

President Georgi Parvanov assigned the task to work out the report is a team of scientists and experts with the academic society.

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