U.S new ambassador to arrive in Tbilisi tonight

constitution_court_0911061U.S new ambassador to Georgia John Bass will arrive in Tbilisi tonight, the U.S embassy said.

Bass replaced John Tefft who has operated in Georgia since 2005. His authority expired early September. Ex-ambassador left Georgia on September 8. He will continue diplomatic career in Ukraine.

John Bass is the fifth U.S ambassador to Georgia is experienced diplomat. He launched his diplomatic career in 1988. He is lawyer and author of several books. Bass headed U.S Assistant Secretary of State’s office, participated in settlement of Turkish and Cyprus’ conflicts, as well as talks on reduction of ordinary armaments in Europe between NATO and Russia.

He has headed the governmental commission on restoration of Iraqi capital since July 2008. Before, he has headed an operative center of mobile regiment of the State Department. This center protected employees of the U.S embassy and their property in emergency situations.

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