Foreign forces possibly behind blast in Moldova’s capital

Moldova’s Interior Minister Victor Catan said Thursday that foreign forces are probably behind Wednesday’s blast in Chisinau, capital city of the eastern European country. The minister told a press conference that he did not rule out forces from abroad are involved in the incident, seeking to destabilize the situation in Moldova. 

Catan said that the phone calls recorded in the antechamber of the Moldovan prime minister are a proof to this. He noted that the calls’ author said that he/she “will apply acts of violence against the present government.”

The same person asked that the new government gives up a string of reforms which have been or are to be carried out, revealed the minister.

“These conversations are being deciphered, but we have information that these calls were made from abroad, and the investigation is to establish where from exactly,” said at the same press conference head of the Security and Information Service Gheorghe Mihai.

According to earlier reports by the official Moldpres news agency reaching here, an unknown person threw an RG-42 grenade in the city’s central square late Wednesday, when many people were still celebrating Chisinau’s religious holiday. The blast injured more than 40 people.

“I do not think that political forces from Moldova are behind the October 14 blast in the center of Chisinau,” Catan told the media, adding that the police were searching for a 25-year-old man suspected of causing the blast.

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