EC ready to delagate experts to help investigate Moldova April 7 events

The Deputy Premier believes the April 7 events should not be used as a reason for unleashing a reprisal against the present-day political opposition.

European Commission’s Director for Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia Gunnar Wiegand met with Moldovan Minister of Justice Alexandru Tanase here on Thursday, and confirmed the European Union’s readiness to delegate its experts to Chisinau to take part in the investigation of last April’s post-electoral events.

The European Commission official welcomed the setting up of an ad hoc parliamentary commission to investigate into the April 7 and subsequent events in Chisinau. He highly appreciated the presence of majority Alliance for European Integration representatives as well as the Communists in the body, for he believes this should be good for raising the Moldovan politicians’ juridical culture.

“And, still, to ensure work success, the commission should comprise experts having a critical attitude to analysis of the events concerned”, said Gunnar Wiegand, who presumes the commission should put emphasis on work quality, not on investigation promptness or duration. He confirmed the commission will include one expert each from the European Union, the United Nations, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Alexandru Tanase said, “We asked to delegate profiled foreign experts because this concrete investigation requires particularly highly skilled professionals. Parliamentarians can certainly give a political assessment of the events, but to ensure a balance of opinions and arguments, conclusions by foreign experts are necessary”.

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