Romanians to vote on Nov. 22 for President and in a referendum for parliament change

Romanian voters would go to the polls on November 22 to elect a new President of the country and give their vote in a referendum for the change of parliament, Romanian media note.

Romanian president Traian Basescu issued Thursday the decree organizing the referendum for a single-chamber Parliament and reducing the number of Parliament Members to at most 300, despite Parliament opposition.

Basescu called the referendum on the same date with the first round of the presidential elections in the country, in which he is running for a second mandate at the post.
He said the decree contains two articles. The citizens are called to express their will, through “yes” or “no” in two questions, one regarding the single-chamber Parliament, and the other regarding the number of MPs, proposed to be reduced to 300.

He added he signed the decree since the Parliament’s approval, or in this case disapproval, is consultative. The Parliament gave Basescu’s call for referendum a vote of disapproval.

The Government will hold a meeting Friday to establish the normative frame and methodology for the organization of the referendum.

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