ICJ to tackle Montenegro-Croatia border issue

Montenegro and Croatia will submit documentation to the International Court of Justice regarding their outstanding border dispute.

The border in issue is related to on the small peninsula of Prevlaka near Herceg Novi in Montenegro.

Croatian ambassador to Montenegro Petar Turčinović said that the documents of the two countries will allow the ICJ to make a decision on the border in question, according to media in Podgorica.

He said that the cooperation between Montenegro and Croatia has been good on the issue.

According to daily Pobjeda, the Montenegrin Foreign Ministry has stated that it is working seriously on preparing the documentation.

According to an earlier agreement between Croatia and the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SRJ), there is a special regime of administration implemented, which will remain in place until the final solution has been reached.

Both Montenegrin and Croatian officials have stated on several occasions that the regime on the peninsula “functions very well”.

Montenegrin PM Milo Đukanović and his former Croat counterpart Ivo Sanader agreed earlier to allow the ICJ to reach a definitive solution for the question of the border at Prevlaka.

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