Romania not to negotiate agreement with IMF: PM

Romania will not negotiate the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) because it has kept the taken engagements as of October 1, said Prime Minister (PM) Emil Boc. Referring to the normative documents, which had to be voted Boc accused the MPs of not making efforts in this direction.

“In reference to the Pensions Act they preferred to revoke it and to keep their privileges and special pensions. We have law on tax responsibility that will be tabled in the Parliament next week so government to keep all taken engagements. Third engagement s to vote a State Budget Act until the end of the year,” Boc said.

PM emphasized the MPs should also be asked whether they have kept their engagements towards Romania, accusing them of being those who have blocked the keeping of the engagements towards Romanians, at first place.

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