Romania is against reopening of the Lisbon Treaty ratification process, Romania’s President says

Romania’s President Traian Basescu said Romania will be against reopening of the process of ratification of the Lisbon Treaty that may become necessary as a result of the “Czech Republic’s requirements” and that the solutions should be found in the frames of the current agreement.

The head of the state made this statement before leaving for the European Council session today.

The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic will discuss whether the Lisbon Treaty contradicts the Czech constitution on November 3.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus is the last leader from the 27 members of the EU that has not signed the national act on ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. He is inclined to ratify the agreement if particular regulations from the Charter of Fundamental Rights are not applied – concessions to the United Kingdom and Poland.

Issues relevant to the EU’s institutional structure, the preparation of a common stand on the participation in the UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen from December 2- 18 this year will be discussed in the frames of the sitting.

Besides, the economic and financial condition and the employment rate in the union, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, the management of illegal migration waves, the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be discussed.

Romania does not want the governments of the EU member states to withdraw their assistance to the strategies for overcoming the crisis in the EU before 2010.

In reference to the situation in Afghanistan Traian Basescu said that Romania will fight for the active participation of all the countries that are present in Afghanistan. However, Pakistan will be followed carefully since all the resources and most Taliban’s bases are there and not in Afghanistan and the attacks against the NATO forces set off from Pakistan, the head of the state added.

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