Albanian NGOs oppose Macedonian language in first grade

There will be boycott of school classes and massive protests unless the government quits its plan to introduce Macedonian language as mandatory in primary schools, including schools in areas were Albanians are in majority, Albanian NGOs warned Thursday.

The representatives of several Albanian NGOs in Macedonia have already raised an initiative for collecting signatures against the government’s decision.

“The introduction of Macedonian language in first grade is unacceptable from pedagogical, political and even legal point of view. Children at age 6 will face difficulties while learning three languages simultaneously. From political aspect, this could be seen as assimilation of Albanian population. Namely, since 2002 the Albanian language has been declared as official, thus, the Macedonian first-graders should learn the Albanian language as well,” said Valon Kurtishi of the Skopje-based NGO Illyricum Libertas (Free Ilyrida).

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