Communists accuse govt. of secrecy over border-crossing convention with Romania

Communist MP Grigore Petrenco stated at a press conference on Friday that the convention’s content is a mystery as its text has never been published.

“There is absolutely no transparency, we don’t know the provisions, the distances prescribed in the convention, and its beneficiaries”, said Petrenco, adding that he demanded a copy of the Convention from the parliamentary commission for foreign affairs, but didn’t receive it.

Petrenco reiterated his party’s position that the Convention should have been signed together with a basic political treaty and a border treaty.

The Communist MP also accused the Foreign Ministry of “making concessions to Romania at the expense of Moldova’s interests” and urged the government to “stop behaving like Romanian county officials”.

Foreign Minister Iurie Leanca and Prime Minister Vlad Filat couldn’t be contacted for comments as they are currently in Bucharest, where they are expected to sign the Convention.

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