The „Key to the Transnistrian conflict is in Chisinau”, Vlad Filat

The Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat declared that the key to the Transnistrian conflict is in Chisinau.

The „Solution is in Chisinau and it depends directly on the living conditions, rights and freedoms citizens from the right bank of the Nistru River will have”, Filat said.

Asked whether Chisinau authorities are trying to attract those from Transnistria to live better life, Prime Minister Filat said that “we do in such a way that Moldovan people’s life becomes a solution for those from Transnistria”.

„It is very hard when one cannot provide a clear and attractive alternative for those from Transnistria. We want that, except the conclusion of some agreements, we make people get integrated effectively and we consider this solution as sustainable”, Filat also said.

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