Voting freedom and order improving in Moldova – CEC

Starting from the next ordinary parliamentary elections of 2013, Moldova citizens will be able to vote at any polling station, no matter at home or abroad, thank to a state-of-the-art information system called “Electronic Voter Register”, Central Electoral Commission Chairman Eugen Stirbu stated at a news conference.

He said the Register pilot project was successfully tested on November 15 at the early local elections held in the villages of Stefanesti and Semionovca in the Stefan Voda raion.

“Thank to this electronic system, citizens can vote at any polling station. The information that the citizen has voted is registered by an operator and is automatically conveyed to the CEC database. A repeated voting is thus excluded. When the electronic register is fully introduced, there will no more need for having printed lists of voters”, said Eugen Stirbu.

Profiled international organizations had long recommended the Moldovan authorities to introduce such a system, which makes election result rigging practically impossible. The UNDP has provided nearly 2 million euros for the project.

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