Moldovan government revokes more ambassadors

At its ordinary working meeting held on Wednesday afternoon, the Moldovan Government decided to revoke home a number of its Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

These are: Ion Robu – Ambassador to Georgia and Azerbaijan; Eugenia Chistruga – Ambassador to the Council of Europe; Valeriu Bobutac – Ambassador to Belarus; Valerian Cristea – Ambassador to the Czech Republic; Lydia Gutu – Ambassador to Bulgaria; Victoria Eftodi – Ambassador to France.

Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Iurie Leanca remarked during the Cabinet meeting that ambassadors are supposed to represent and promote their country’s interests in the states they work. However, he said, the above diplomats “were distorting Moldova’s image abroad”.

Iurie Leanca confessed: on the foreign ministry’s staff list, there is only professional diplomat having a profiled university diploma, and all the rest employees have no special education. On which premier Filat stated that the ambassadors being recalled from abroad “shall not be replenishing the staff of the foreign ministry” upon coming back home.

The Cabinet has approved a number of appointments to various governmental posts. Thus, Andrei Popov, a Democratic Party parliamentarian, has been appointed as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Sergiu Ciobanu – as Deputy Minister of Economy, and Lucia Spoiala – as Director of the National Bureau of Statistics.

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