Gagauzia wants to be a republic

The participants in a conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Gagauzia autonomy called upon the Parliament of Moldova to change the autonomy’s current name “Gagauz Yeri administrative-territorial unit” into a new name – “Republic of Gagauz Yeri”.

The anniversary forum wrote in its resolution that since the very moment of providing the autonomous region with a special legal status, “the central authorities of the Republic of Moldova started putting various obstacles to realization of the legal status in practice”.

“A particular pressing was put on Gagauzia last 8 years during the governance of the Moldovan Communist Party. Despite Gagauzia representatives’ numerous addresses to international structures, the situation would not change”, the resolution said.

The conference participants addressed the new Moldovan government with a recommendation to amend the existing electoral legislation in a way to ensure Gagauzia’s adequate representation in the Moldovan Parliament, to pass a law stipulating a legal frame of functioning of regional political parties in Moldova, in particular in Gagauzia, to give back to Gagauzia State University its original name of Gagauzia National University, to request the OSCE Mission to Moldova to help bring the Republic of Moldova legislation in harmony with international standards to thus ensure legal guarantees of ethnic minorities.

The conference was attended by scientists, historians, and representatives of local non-governmental and international organizations.

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