Transnistria hopes new moldovan authorities will be respecting previous accords

Transnistria hopes the new authorities in Chisinau will be abiding by the policy of continuity mandatory for a democratic state, and will be observing the accords reached by their predecessors. Transnistrian minister of foreign affairs Vladimir Yastrebchak  said.

He highlighted first and foremost the last March 18 Joint Statement signed in Moscow by the presidents of Russia, Moldova and Transnistria – Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Voronin and Igor Smirnov – “according to which the current format of the peacekeeping operation must be preserved until the completion of the Transnistrian conflict settlement process”.

Yastrebchak stressed, “We stand for a full-bodied, viable settlement to be based on equal rights with an account of the Transnistrians’ interests”.

In his words, Transnistria cannot help feeling alarmed over the statements being heard lately from the new Moldovan leaders – that they adhere to “the deadlock Law of 2005 on a status for Transnistria, as well as over their calls to reshape the format of the current peacekeeping operation”.

Yastrebchak further held Tiraspol is strongly concerned about Chisinau’s demands that Russia must give up backing Transnistria.

“This sounds more than just strange against the background of the obviously growing influence of Romania’s on Moldova. In such an environment, Moscow’s years-traditional activity, aimed at the development of historic ties, at backing fellow citizens living in Transnistria, looks very natural”, said the Transnistrian foreign minister.

Commenting the systematic extension of the European Union’s travel ban on Transnistria leaders, Vladimir Yastrebchak offered an opinion this cannot serve a proof that the European Union seeks to take the existing reality into a due account.

“Such treatment does not serve the conflict settlement because it creates problems not only to Transnistrian officials but also to a full-scale mediation activity of EU representatives”, said the Transnistrian minister of foreign affairs, who has just marked his 30th birthday anniversary.

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