Georgian vice speaker demands to patrol Black Sea

Georgian Parliamentary Vice Speaker Paata Davitaia called on the government to develop a package of proposals on the introduction of U.S. and NATO patrol ships into the Black Sea.

Davitaia protested the placement of Russian border boats in Abkhazian waters and asked the government to take urgent action. He said the Black Sea port of Poti, which can be blocked, is under threat.

According to the deputy, the Russian border boats have technical capabilities allowing them to detain large ships.

“Russia has put into the Black Sea speed gunboats, which can stop ships. They only need the summons. Poti is under threat. Georgia on its own will not be able to resist Russia’s provocative decision so we must turn to our Western partners to control the Black Sea with their warships,” he added.

Davitaia will appeal to the government at a parliamentary meeting.

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