OSCE says Romanian election generally fair, alleged irregularities need investigation

Romania’s presidential election generally observed international standards but information on alleged irregularities need to be investigated, OSCE mission chief Vadim Zhdanovich said Monday.

Zhdanovich added election campaigns were less intense in the second round of elections but both contenders played more on negative campaigning.

Regarding the media, Zhdanovich said media coverage was diverse and voters were able to make an informed decision. He added the public television ensured neutral and balanced coverage, but some of the country’s private media organizations took an aggressive stand toward the incumbent president.

Zhdanovich also pointed out that websites, including those belonging to media outlets, published exit polls before the end of the voting process, which is against OSCE rules.

Zhdanovich concluded by saying the voting process in most polling stations was generally calm and observed procedures.

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