Serbian FM expects new Kosovo status talks

Serbian FM Vuk Jeremić said that Belgrade’s goal is make sure no other countries recognize Kosovo’s unilateral proclamation after the ICJ gives its opinion.

“What we want to do is to make sure there are no new recognitions of Kosovo after the ICJ case ends, and to not allow Kosovo to join any international organizations in which members must be sovereign countries. If we are successful, it will become obvious that there is no alternative but to restore dialogue,” Jeremić said.

He added that he expects that “the conclusion of the court process will lead to a restoration of dialogue which will lead to a solution of compromise, and which will be accepted by all countries of the world.”

Jeremić added that it is “unlikely” that the court will give a decision negative for Belgrade, adding that he believes the court would state not that the “unilateral change of borders of a peaceful, democratic, internationally recognized state against the will of the UN Security Council is acceptable.”

“If that is allowed, then everything is allowed,” Jeremić said, adding that some countries such as Montenegro and Costa Rica have publicly stated that there is a possibility they could revoke their recognition of Kosovo’s unilateral independence declaration, made in February 2008, if the International Court of Justice rules that the independence declaration was not legal.

Jeremić also stated that the establishing of diplomatic relations between Montenegro and Kosovo would be seen by Serbia as a “finger in the eye”.

He added that the negotiations between Belgrade and Priština fell through in December 2007 because the participating parties “stated in advance what must the outcome of the [negotiating] process”.

“We cannot make the same mistake if we want to reach a solution of compromise,” Jeremić concluded.

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