Romania’s new government seeks stability, reform: PM-designate

The priorities of the new Romanian government would be next year’s state budget, continuing reforms and ensuring stability, designated Prime Minister Emil Boc said Thursday.

Boc vowed to work together with politicians, parliament and those who would govern the country to offer “stability and prosperity.”

“I believe that we can, through partnership and solidarity, get through this difficult time which affects not only our country but the entire world,” said the democrat liberal leader, who has been caretaker prime minister.

Boc said the new cabinet would have fewer ministers than it currently had. He also said his party would talk with all parties in parliament, especially with those willing to form the government, namely the Hungarian Democratic Union, the national minorities’ group and the independents’ group.

Boc was designated in the morning by newly re-elected president Traian Basescu to form a new government.

Boc’s Cabinet collapsed in a no-confidence vote in parliament early October after social democrats left the ruling coalition. Romania has been in the hands of a caretaker government since then.

Romanians voted on Dec. 6 in a presidential run-off, in the hope of an end to the political impasse that has blocked external assistance in a time of worldwide recession.

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