Vlad Filat: PLDM will be Moldova’s most important party in next elections

The Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) will be the most important party in Moldova in the next elections”, declared PLDM president Vlad Filat at the third Congress of the party on Saturday.

Though having prepared a thick report to read from, Filat put it aside and engaged in an emotion-packed speech retelling the events that happened in the party’s life in the last two years.

“Still two years were not enough for the Moldovan people to change the authoritarian communist government for a democratic one”, stated Filat. “We were able to resist all the pressure and demonstrated that you can resist because you can believe in what you are doing, despite facing an entire administrative arsenal of the communists.”

The leader of the LibDems said it was his party that influenced the course of the legislative race, feeling proud for being able to manage the situation in the aftermath of April 7, “when the communists showed their true face”.

“We demonstrated that liberty in Moldova is treasured and will be respected”, declared Filat, thanking his party’s allies, the Liberals, the Democrats, and the Our Moldova Alliance, for being able to jointly install a democratic government.

“It wasn’t easy. We had differences on what solutions to adopt to reach the ultimate goal, and sometimes even different objectives. But we managed to form a viable alliance with an effective and responsible government” said the Prime Minister Vlad Filat.

Minister of Justice Alexandru Tanase, vice president of the party, said that in the last two years the nation has demonstrated that it has “dignity and uprightness”. The party’s future, he added, depends mostly on its “correctitude and ability to reject compromises concerning national values”.

Attending the third PLDM Congress were about 1,600 members of the party and guests of honor, including the first president of Moldova, Mircea Snegur, the second president, Petru Lucinschi, MEP Bela Glattfelder, Leo van Doesburg of the European Christian Political Movement, and others.

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