Ukraine and Moldova to repair bridges on moldovan-ukrainian border together

The Government of Moldova and Ukraine have agreed upon the joint maintenance of the bridges on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, in order to improve the road traffic between two states.

According to the site of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, the decision on the bridge cooperation is fixed in a special inter-governmental agreement. It determines a set of works, connected with the maintenance of the border bridges, reflects the conditions of their fulfillment and the sides’ financial commitments. Even the terms of providing goods and services, used in the connection with the bridge maintenance, are stipulated in the agreement.

The standing committee for foreign affairs of the Supreme Rada has already considered the agreement and recommended the Parliament to ratify it.

“The technical state of the border bridges will be improved, their reliability and durability will increase considerably, if the document is ratified. In its turn, it will facilitate the exchange of freight transportations”, the site of the Ukrainian Premier assert.

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