“Croatia, Serbia have potential for EU future”

img3Zagreb Mayor and candidate in Croatia’s presidential race Milan Bandić says open issues between Croatia and Serbia should be resolved.

Croatia and Serbia have potential for a bright European future and cooperation if they resolve their open issues, he said.

Problems should be resolved with “lowered guard”, said Bandić, who is behind in the polls ahead of the Jan. 10 run-off.

He also added that he intends to visit Serbia in a near future.

Bandić said some of the most importan open issues between Croatia and Serbia were the missing Croat combatants who, according to Croatia’s claims, were held captive in Serbia during the war, the extradition of persons suspected of war crimes in Croatia and the return of Serb refugees to Croatia.

Serb refugees should return to Croatia as it is their homeland, he said.

Croatia has done much to enable Serb refugees to return to Croatia, Bandić added.

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