Minister of Bulgarian Diaspora: “Obviously, I was wrong, causing small diplomatic scandal with my previous statements”

img10Obviously, I was wrong and I my previous statements have led to this small diplomatic scandal, which raged out, Minister of Bulgarian Diaspora Bozhidar Dimitrov said. 

At the last sitting of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Dimitrov received last warning from Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov over his statements about Bulgaria’s claims for Turkey to pay compensation to Thracian Bulgarians as a condition before Turkey’s EU accession.

“I think that the prime minister is right. It is my fault, as I have misinterpreted one sentence in the reports on the pre-accession process, passed by the European Parliament. The sentence says that Turkey should make efforts to solve the problem with the Thracian refugees – I interpreted it as a condition for country’s accession but the lawyers explained yesterday that it was just a recommendation, i.e. it does not have a juridical status of a condition”, Dimitrov said.

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